And now continuing from where we left off, we see the big fella in action!

For combining into GaoGokaiOh, GaoLion replaces the legs on GokaiOh, making him into this rather awesome looking chimera/centaur looking combination, kind of reminds me of MagiRanger to be honest (and a bit more impressive than MagiDragon, but I’ll talk about him in another review). Sadly, Gokai Marine and Gokai Trailer are left out in the cold, since there’s no adding them in while in this mode, but at least they can still offer support! GaoLion makes an impressive mount in this form, and you can even attach GokaiOh’s swords to his back rockets to slice and dice the enemy while running by!

For combining into ShinkenGokaiOh, we keep going from where we started with GaoGokaiOh and the turn crank gimmick comes into play. GaoLion’s head is inserted into the chest of GokaiOh in place of it’s main cannon weapon, and it’s mouth pops open and the legs flip down to reveal the symbols of Shinken Red, Green, and Blue, where as GaoLion’s back legs pop off to combine with the arm cavities of Gokai Jet and Gokai Racer, which also flip down to reveal the symbols of Shinken Pink and Yellow. GaoLion’s tail now pops off to become a new helmet, and the back piece folds out to become a king sized version of the flaming beat stick signature weapon of the Shinkengers, the Rekka Daizanto (Blazing Great Slicing Sword)!

As an added accessory, GaoLion’s shoulder rockets pop off, and as mentioned before, GokaiOh’s swords can be attached to form an awesome bladed staff weapon for some extra play value.

I know I said it before, but of the three add ons I have at the moment, GaoLion is definitely my favorite so far. I still need to get the other two, but they’ll come likely after the holidays are over with. Sometime this week or next, I’ll do a review of the other two I got, MagiDragon and PattoStriker, so stay tuned!

(And behold, my Gaoranger and Shinkenger keys!)